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This article outlines general information for the Hosting Incentives Program.

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Microsoft Hosting partner incentives serve to promote deeper market penetration and deployment of Microsoft platform, and do so through a third-party hosting scenario. Sales of these scenarios are driven through the Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) offering.

Partners earn incentives for key activities such as designing offers based on Microsoft products, deploying, selling and successfully driving revenue growth and platform share. The structure for Hosting partner incentives includes rebates, coop marketing funds (referred to in this guide as “coop”), and Hosting accelerators.

The incentives serve to:
  • Drive new opportunities in Hosting partners to maximize deployment of the Microsoft stack and Hyper-V penetration rate.
  • Reward Partners for specific activities and outcomes from pre-sales to post-sales engagement, including market development and demand generation.
  • Enable Partners to invest in the resources necessary by providing a coop model.
Hosting partners can leverage incentives to fund key investments that enable them to deliver on their business strategies as well as build sustainable growth for their companies. Some of the specific focus areas can include:
  • Increase and accelerate customer reach and expansion.
  • Grow sales of key Microsoft technology-based solutions that address critical customer requirements.
  • Build on core business enhancing the value of defined sales and services practices.
The Hosting partner incentives are based on active Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) Volume Licensing Agreements within the incentives period. The terms of these incentives are from January 1, 2014 to September 30, 2014.

In an effort to ensure consistency across incentives and enhance clarity for companies participating in multiple Microsoft incentives, Microsoft created the Master Channel Incentive Agreement (MCIA). All terms and conditions set forth in the MCIA apply to the Hosting partner incentives.

For complete information on the Hosting Incentives, please refer to the Hosting Incentives Program Guide.

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