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This articles outlines the key changes to the CI support process, currently provided to our Partners, for queries relating to fee claims for CRM Online products.

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What is changing with CI Support for CRM Online?

CRM Online Channel Incentives Support

Microsoft’s support to partners with questions on submitted fee claims for CRM Online products is changing. All CRM fee-related questions are not consolidated under one process. This process matches the one used for CSA Program.

Partners will utilize the same portal—PartnerSource—for submitting questions on their fee claims.

For general VOICE usage, registration, and other pertinent information please visit this link.

What is not changing?

1. Claims and Payment Status

CSA Claim process for Dynamics CRM On-Prem, AX On-Prem and Dynamics CRM Online will remain as is. Claims will continue to follow current processes defined in their respective Program Guides.

2. Issues that require escalation

The Global Escalation process will also not change. Partners may use the escalation aliases listed below based upon the following criteria: 

· A standard support query must have already been logged, with a case number available for reference AND  

· It has gone out of 72 hour SLA and is unresolved; OR

· It has been resolved but there are still questions from partner.

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