3 reasons blogging may be good for your small business

Sean Wallbridge, president and principal consultant of itgroove Professional Services, Ltd., is big on blogging. And so are all ten of his employees, who blog on company time. Why is this Victoria, British Columbia based small business owner so invested in creating content that he essentially gives away? Here are three reasons:

1. Blogging saves time.

New employee, Kelly Marshall, business development manager, finds this wealth of blogged information extremely useful. "Instead of getting lost in email threads, I search our blog for past solutions and usually find the answer I need." For those questions that remain, Marshall creates a blog to add to their knowledge base.

2. Blogging demonstrates subject matter expertise.

3. Blogging can help you accomplish your goals.

But in the end, does blogging bring in business?

"I think it helps establish trust and brand and, from the sales point of view, creates 'warm' leads as we are effectively creating referrals to ourselves," Wallbridge concludes.


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