Incorrect taskbar preview for minimized Excel 2010 workbooks


Consider the following scenario:
  • You open multiple workbooks in Excel 2010.
  • You move Excel 2010 to a second monitor that is positioned either to the right or below the main monitor.
  • You minimize Excel 2010 from the maximized state.
  • You move pointer over each workbook on the taskbar.
In this scenario, an incorrect or same taskbar preview is displayed for each workbook.


To work around this issue, use one of the following methods:
  • Reconfigure the monitor layout in the Windows Display settings to make sure that all monitors are positioned either to the left or above the primary monitor.

    Note This workaround is not a physical reconfiguring. It involves changing the settings in Windows Display for multiple monitors and how they are recognized.
  • In the thumbnails of workbooks, refer to the file name instead of the visual preview of the workbook.
  • Do not fully maximize the Excel 2010 application. Work in a windowed workbook that is sized to just within the boundary of the monitor.
  • Upgrade to Excel 2013. As this version is single document interface (SDI) application, it does not reproduce this issue.

More Information

Excel 2010 is a multiple document instance (MDI). Starting from Windows 7, bitmap live previews are enabled as per the top level window. Office has to work around as MDI applications such as Excel 2010 only have 1 top level window. The workaround code mistakenly does not consider this particular multi-monitor scenario.

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