Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Summer '14 Release


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Summer '14 release is now available. This article describes the updates and bug fixes that are included in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Summer '14 release.

Important Notes:
  • New Language Support: Microsoft Dynamics Marketing can now be fully localized for two new languages: Russian and Japanese. Language packs can be downloaded from the following link once the Service Update has been completed. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Spring '14 Resources
  • Tighter Office 365 integration for user administration & Sources: The ability to assign Microsoft Dynamics Marketing administrators will now be done using the Office 365 portal. Once your system is updated, all of your administrator users will remain as before, but the administrator checkbox will now be read-only in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing user-account setup. However, as soon as you edit and save any aspect of a given user’s setting in the Office 365 portal, all of the settings for that user will be synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, including administrator status. You may therefore need to double-check in the Office 365 portal to make sure all administrators are correctly configured as such.
  • Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Following the Service Update, an updated version of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector will be available, which contains a number of improvements. The existing connector is compatible with the Summer ’14 release, but in order to take full advantage of the latest release, we encourage you to upgrade your connector solution. For customers connected to Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise, you may need to restart the connector service after the Dynamics Marketing Service Update. The connector can be downloaded from the following link once the Service Update has been completed. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Spring '14 Resources
  • Downloadable email template designs: A collection of professionally designed, graphically rich marketing-email templates is now available for download. To download the templates please go to the following link: Microsoft Dynamics Marketing – Promotional Email Templates

More Information

Build number and file names

Update packageBuild number
Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Summer '14 Release16.2.61.0

To determine whether your organization had this update applied, check your Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Online version number. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner, and then click About.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Summer '14 release

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Summer '14 release resolves the following issues:
  • Approval File Paging is not visible for files to navigate to next page.
  • Automatic lead results created from a landing page are missing link to campaign.
  • Budget Actual Item Details screen display navigation cannot display items not in browser when resolution above 1280 x 800.
  • Budget Expense Reconcilation Update Order Status UI Broken.
  • Campaign Automation is not sending emails.
  • Campaign Automation sends multiple emails to the same contact.
  • Campaign Automation trigger not working to fill in email.
  • Campaign Performance Results Column Headers display with brackets around column names.
  • Cannot access Users dashboard due to large number of users.
  • Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'EMTRACKINGITEMOID' table 'dbo.EMRESULT' column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.
  • Connector crash due to contacts with duplicate CRMGUID.
  • Connector service not started after org reactivation.
  • Connector "Originating Lead" Relationship is Lost After Syncing a Lead and Converting to Opportunity.
  • Connector Custom Campaign Type Code Option Set Value in CRM Cannot Be Mapped To.
  • Connector Email Marketing Tracking Data not synced.
  • Connector Landing Page-created Leads in MDM Do Not Populate "Existing Account" Field After Sync to CRM.
  • Connector Publisher Will Crash Service On Unhandled Exception.
  • Connector Queries Not updated and Have Different Record Counts as More Contacts Are Added.
  • Connector Do Not Phone and Do Not Email fields do not synchronize after the upgrade due to missing upgrade in stored mapping configuration.
  • Duplicate company name gets created with a number and adds number to original company name.
  • Email Deliverability widget doesn't display data correctly.
  • Email Marketing Data Import Stops Working Intermittently.
  • Email Marketing Message Subject line corrupted subject lines when not in English.
  • Email Marketing Messages Performance Details View by ISP column labeling issues.
  • Email Marketing Performance Message List stored procedure returns incorrect results for Email Performance on campaigns.
  • Error message when opening the deleted client quote.
  • Error when selecting Locations from drop down in Regions.
  • Estimates can't be linked to a Campaign that is linked to a Program.
  • Events do not show on Event List if a Folder is selected.
  • Event UDF columns do not appear as columns under Event Attendance.
  • Expense Budget Calculation Shows $0.00 on Campaign View.
  • Invalid column name 'COMPANYOID' on Maintain Company page.
  • Item that is set as Taxable is not pulling in as taxable on orders and expenses.
  • Job Category values do not appear in Campaign Job List view.
  • Job is not auto populating when an Approval template is used on a File.
  • Job Request Menu Text Formatting Issue in Description field.
  • Job Request Templates conditions grid misses scrollbar and crashes on column reorder or resize.
  • Lead Performance Widget login fails after when change locale in user preferences.
  • Lead UDFs aren't available in the lead import.
  • Lists/Queries Cannot Be Added to an Email After Campaign Assignment.
  • Media plan Gross Cost more than 4 digits results in error.
  • Multi-select UDF's are blank on Job Request Templates.
  • Page crash when contact view has grouping on and gets suddenly large volume of contacts.
  • Product Import not working when Brand has invalid Division association on source file.
  • Program and Event Dates do not shift when start/end date is changed.
  • Program Jobs section shows jobs that are not associated with the program.
  • Project Event Grid View shows corrupt column data when using Program.
  • Report Header and Footer Logos not displaying when defined on Site Settings page.
  • Sample discount not selected on the Purchase Order item as default.
  • Scheduling page display issue in "Type" field.
  • Scheduling View truncates text, making it unreadable.
  • Subscription Center changes are not reflected after updated.
  • Unable to scroll on a Job Request that doesn't all fit on the page.
  • Unable to view Media Plan UDF values in the view grid.
  • Vendor Company value not populated by selecting Vendor Quote Template.
  • When clicking Email Marketing Performance, error occurs.
  • When user tries to add related files to any existing file they receive an error.
  • Widget makes site crash when non-English locale due to date/time conversion error.

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