Available Data sources for Distributed compute contexts

In the local compute context, all of RevoScaleR’s supported data sources are available to you. In a distributed compute context, however, your choice of data sources may be severely limited.
The most extreme case is the RxInTeradata compute context, which supports only the RxTeradata data source—this makes sense, as the computations are being performed on data inside the Teradata database.

The following table shows the available combinations of compute contexts and data sources (x indicates available):
Compute Context →

Data Source↓
Delimited Text (RxTextData)xxxx 
Fixed-Format Text (RxTextData)xxx  
.xdf data files (RxXdfData)xxxx 
SAS data files (RxSasData)xxx  
SPSS data files (RxSpssData)xxx  
ODBC data (RxOdbcData)xxx  
Teradata database (RxTeradata)xxx x
For more information - please review the RevoScaleR Distributed Computing Guide

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