How do I retire Customer Equipment records?



There are numerous scenarios where Customer Equipment may need to be retired. As a reminder the Customer Equipment entity keeps track of equipment owned/leased by your customers and serviced by your organization. Oftentimes retiring a Customer Equipment record is preceded by Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs). This is because the type of return (ie reason and destination of returned product) must be outlined and approved.

Common Reasons for retiring Customer Equipment:
  1. Equipment is defective
  2. Customer is dissatisfied 
  3. Equipment must be repaired
  4. Lease of equipment has ended
Common Scenarios after retiring Customer Equipment:
  1. Equipment is scrapped
  2. Equipment is repaired and returned to owner
  3. Equipment is repaired and sold to another owner
  4. Equipment is returned to inventory
  5. Equipment is returned to vendor
Retiring Customer Equipment
  • Navigate to Customer Equipment
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  • Choose Customer Equipment record
  • Deactivate Record
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**It is not recommended to delete retired Customer Equipment records. This is to protect valuable data for analytics such as service history and return history.**

If retired Customer Equipment was preceded by RMA this will be noted in RMA Products tile within Customer Equipment record.

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Tips and Tricks:

If Customer Equipment to be retired is preceded by an RMA with the processing action "Change of Equipment Ownership" then the Account (owner) of the customer equipment will be automatically be changed to new owner and all previous service history will remain.. Therefore you will not need to deactivate the record.

If Customer Equipment to be retired ends up being repaired and returned to original owner then you can simply Activate the Customer Equipment record.

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