Why didn't my product convert to Customer Equipment?


There are 4 Reasons why a Work Order Product may fail to convert to a piece of Customer Equipment:

1. The Work Order Product must be marked as Used on the Work Order. Products with a line status as "Estimated" will not be converted to Customer Equipment.

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2. Only Products can be converted to Customer Equipment; Services cannot. A Product/Service record is a Product if the FieldOne Product Type is either "Inventory" or "Non Inventory" and the record is a Service if the FieldOne Product Type is a "Service"

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3. You didn't specify on the product record that you want it converted to customer equipment. Go to Fieldone Sky> administration>choose products/services> choose product that did not convert to customer equipment> make sure field "convert to customer equipment" is set to yes.

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4. The work order status is not set to "Closed-Posted". Products will only convert to customer equipment when the status of the work order is "Closed-Posted". This is because the software does not want to convert a product into customer equipment until the work order is reviewed, approved, and/or finalized. Furthermore, invoices will only be generated when work order status is "Closed-Posted" as well. 

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