How is Overtime defined for Resources and Work Order Schedules?



FieldOne Sky offers the ability to categorize the time a Field Agent spends on a Work Order Schedule as overtime. This information can be used for numerous purposes, however the most common is for calculating resource pay (ie payroll). Out of the box overtime pay is defined as any work done outside a Resource's working hours.

Working Hours:

Each Resource can be assigned working hours. This is done within the Working Hours tab in the left pane of each Resource record.

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Time when a Resource is not working or off duty is shown as dark grey on the schedule board.

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Details of Overtime:

If a Field Agent is performing a Work Order, any work done outside the Resource's work hours will be defined as overtime for pay purposes. This means the total duration a Work Order Schedule has a status of either Traveling, In Progress, or On Break will be defined as overtime and thus fall under the overtime Pay Type.

This includes all scenarios. As an example, if a Field agent works 8 hours within his working hours and his/her last work order runs 30 minutes beyond his working hours the last 30 minutes will be considered overtime. Out of the box this applies the other way as well; if a field agent begins work 30 minutes before his working the first 30 minutes will be considered overtime.

Additionally, though you may have different pay types for travel time and break time, both of these will still be considered overtime outside of working hours.


You can view the breakdown of a Work Order Schedule in terms of resource pay by navigating to Schedule Journals in the ribbon within a Work Order Schedule.

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