Error - You must provide a value for Work Order Number


When creating a work order you receive an error message “You must provide a value for Work Order Number” when saving.


How the WorkOrder Number is generated

The work order number is generated from a plugin in FieldOne Sky.   In order for the plugin to execute it relies on the Asynchronous Service on the CRM server to process the request. 

Troubleshooting for FieldOne Sky On-Premise Customers or Partner Hosted

(Also applies to CRM Online customers but will need to open a case with Microsoft support to review the logs)
  1. Verify System Jobs in CRM are processing successfully
    1. Navigate to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    2. Select Settings
    3. Select System Jobs
    4. If there are system jobs in Waiting for Resources or Failing there may be an issue with the Asynchronous Service
  2. Verify the Asynchronous Service is running on the CRM Server where the Async role is applied
    1. Navigate to the CRM Server via RDP
    2. Select START | RUN | Services.msc
    3. Restart the Async Service
  3. Review the Application Event Log on the CRM Server with the Async Service Role 
    1. Navigate to CRM Service where Async Service runs
    2. Open Event Viewer
    3. Navigate to Application Logs
    4. Review any errors

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