Can a Work Order have numerous Price Lists?



A price list must be specified on a Work Order to define the price Work Order Products and Services are sold.

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Can a Work Order have numerous Price Lists? ie Can the Work Order Products and Services have different Price lists?



A screenshot of a work order with numerous price lists.

Though not recommended, a Work Order can have numerous price lists. If a price list is set on a Work Order (whether from the Service Account, an Agreement, or just manually entered), all products and services added will automatically be priced based on the work order price list.

However, a user can manually change the price list by clicking on the Work Order Product or Service and changing the price list field.

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Tips and Tricks:

Note that if a product/service is added to a Work Order and is not an item on the specified price list, by default the list price on the product/service record will be used.

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