You can't access a document in CMIS Connector on SharePoint 2010


Assume that you create a Microsoft Office file such as a Word document. Then, in the document properties, you add a title that includes angle brackets to enclose a part of the title text. When you use the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) getObject operation on this file, or you call the CMIS getChildren operation on the folder in which the file is stored, you receive an "Is invalid XML" error message, and you can't access the affected document.


This is a known issue in the CMIS Connector and SharePoint 2010. If an Office document title contains text that's enclosed in angle brackets, the CMIS Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) binding does not generate a well-formed XML document response. For example, this issue occurs if the title text resembles the following:

"Project <project> Report"
CMIS clients can't parse responses that are not well-formed. When a document title isn't encoded as an XML literal, an XML parser interprets the Office document title as an unclosed XML tag, and the parser does not parse the AtomPub response.


The work around this issue, create an XML parser or preprocessor that cleans the XML that's received from SharePoint.

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