Windows 10 scheduled upgrade


If you've reserved Windows 10, but not upgraded yet, you may get a notification that your upgrade is ready and will be installed in five days:

Your Windows 10 upgrade is here

Your PC will upgrade on:

<date and time>


  • Closing this window without selecting either Upgrade now or Reschedule will result in the upgrade happening at the scheduled time stated in the notification.
  • If you don’t want to upgrade at this time, choose Reschedule. You can then choose to either reschedulethe upgrade or cancelthe upgrade.

More Information

“Upgrade Now” option

If you choose the “Upgrade Now” button, the download will start, and then run the upgrade.

“Reschedule” link

If you choose the “Reschedule” link, you will get a screen offering to schedule the upgrade for some time within the following five days, or the option to cancel the scheduled upgrade.

If you select Confirm, you will see a screen confirming the date and time of the upgrade. When the scheduled time comes, a pop-up will let you know that the upgrade is about to happen.

If you choose the “I need more time” link when the notification comes up, you’ll be asked how much time you need. Selecting Close in this window will result in the confirmation screen again with the time and date.

“Cancel scheduled upgrade” link

If you select the “Cancel scheduled upgrade” link in the “Reschedule” window, you will be asked to confirm that you want to cancel the upgrade. Selecting the Cancel scheduled time button will cancel the upgrade.

  • Note You will still have Windows 10 reserved and can upgrade through the Get Windows 10 app at any time.

Choosing Don’t cancel or just closing the window will result in the upgrade happening at the scheduled time.


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