Windows 10 cannot manage personalized cloud info in some languages


Cortana can get to know your voice and writing style, personalize your speech, inking and typing experience on your device(s). Here's how:

  1. Left click the "Start (list)".
  2. Left click on "Settings (list item)" in "Start". 
  3. Left click on "Privacy (list item)" in "Settings". 
  4. Left click on "Speech, inking, & typing (text)" in "Settings" . 
  5. Left click on "Go to Bing and manage personal info for all your devices (hyper link)" in "Settings". 

If you've followed the steps above and you see a 404 page error when you try to click on the hyperlink, this means that the feature isn't available on your device because you're not using a supported language. 

Please know that this is not a problem related to your device or your device's Operating System, it's happening because the language you're using on your device doesn't support personalization. Therefore, there's no need to contact your OEM or Microsoft about this.


Article ID: 3142529 - Last Review: 29 Feb 2016 - Revision: 1