Throttling limits for Office 365 Dedicated/ITAR vNext users


In Microsoft Exchange Online Dedicated/ITAR vNext, you discover that your throttling limits are too low and you need to increase them.


There are two standard throttling limits in the Office 365 service: a default setting and a large tenant limit. All customers are assigned the default setting except for Exchange Online Dedicated customers, who are assigned the large tenant limit from the outset. However, Dedicated vNext customers may find that they require even higher throttling limits than those that are offered by the large tenant limit.


If the existing large tenant values that are provided to Dedicated customers still do not meet your requirements, you can file a Design Change Request (DCR) with the assistance of your Service Delivery Manager. However, be aware that the already elevated large tenant values represent a standard that's used across large organizations in Office 365. Therefore, engineering must carefully review this request to verify system tolerance and to determine whether other large organizations face the same limitations.

More Information

For more information about throttling, see the following Microsoft websites:

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