Update adds execution statistics for scalar-valued, user-defined functions to the actual Showplan XML in SQL Server 2017

Applies to: SQL Server 2017 DeveloperSQL Server 2017 EnterpriseSQL Server 2017 Enterprise Core


This update adds execution statistics for scalar-valued, user-defined functions to the actual Showplan XML in Microsoft SQL Server 2017.

More Information

This improvement is included in the following cumulative update for SQL Server:

       Cumulative Update 3 for SQL Server 2017


How the improvement works

If a query uses one or more user-defined scalar functions (such as T-SQL functions or CLR functions), a significant portion of query execution time may be spent inside those functions, depending on the function definition. This may be not immediately obvious by looking at the query execution plan. This update adds two new attributes to QueryTimeStatsUdfCpuTime and UdfElapsedTime. These provide the total CPU and elapsed time that is spent inside all scalar user-defined functions (in milliseconds) during the execution of a query.


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