KB - When sending emails for RM Statements using the default BLANK FORM report option, a pdf hangs and a .docx comes through as .docx.htm extension in Fabrikam only

Applies to: Dynamics GPDynamics GP 2016Dynamics GP 2018


When trying to use the Word template functionality to send an e-mail for RM Statements using the default BLANK FORM report option using this extension for the customer statement:

•  .PDF causes GP to hand and you have to task-manager out of Dynamics GP.

• .DOCX results in an email with a .DOCX.HTM extension. instead of just .DOCX


Even though the BLANK FORM displays 'on blank paper' for the form, the SQL table (RM40501) stores a 1 (long form) as the form instead of a 5 (on blank paper).   This is an issue in Fabrikam only, as live companies do not have any default report options.  (CR 92466 - won't fix at this time.)


To work aounrd this issue, your options include:

1.  Open the BLANK FORM option and toggle the form setting.  Select a differnt form and save, and then select 'on blank paper' again and save.  

2.  Or create a brand new report option with 'on blank paper' as the form. 



If you would iike to see this fixed, please log a product suggestion  and include your business justification.  This will help to track customer votes to help increase the priority of this issue.