MX - LocGap - Global CFDI filling guide revision 2 - AX2012 R3

Applies to: Dynamics AX 2012 R3


This update extends functionality of Mexican CFDI electronic invoices for Retail industry, and is intended to support new legal requirements, that were introduced in the second revision of the CFDI Global filling guide:
  • Generate a separate CFDI Normal e-invoice based on sales or return operation registered on POS, when customer requested it. 
  • Specify UUID of CFDI e-invoices, which are related to original sales operations, in CFDI e-invoice generated based on returns. 


New parameters added in Electronic invoices parameters [Organization administration \ Setup \ EInvoice \ Electronic invoice parameters] on the Retail tab:
1. Specify related CFDI in returns - enable this option to display UUID of original sales in CFDI e-invoice for returns.
2. Exclude customer orders from CFDI Global – enable  this option to process customer orders as CFDI Normal e-invoices in the same way as sales orders in Accounts Receivable module, and exclude such operations from the CFDI Global e-invoice. 

Related CFDI e-invoices in CFDI Global for returns

If the Specify related CFDI in returns parameter is enabled, then e-invoices (both CFDI Global and CFDI Normal) for returns are generated:
  • with a list of related e-invoices, 
  • in status Draft (new status introduced within this update) if not all related e-invoices have UUID specified. 
Note: The periodic procedure Export/import electronic invoice process skips e-invoices in the status Draft.
  • xml-file is generated with the CFDI relacionados section, which contains the list of related e-invoices.
User can view the list of related e-invoices using the Inquiries - Related e-invoices menu item. Also it's possible to add a new related e-invoice manually on the same form. 

The status of e-invoice is updated automatically, when all related e-invoices got their UUIDs. To update the status of e-invoice manually, use a new function Mark as ready. As a result, the status of an electronic invoice will be changed, and it will be available for export. 

Processing customer orders

If the Exclude customer orders from CFDI Global parameter is enabled, then a separate e-invoice based on each sale or return operation posted via customer order on POS. 
Supported customer order operations:
  • Customer order pick up
  • Customer order return
Customer orders are included in CFDI Global, when the parameter is disabled, and there is no any previous customer invoice, that was posted from the same customer order and processed as a separate e-invoice (CFDI Normal). Otherwise, customer orders are processed as separate e-invoices (CFDI Normal), and therefore, they are excluded from CFDI Global e-invoices.

Customer order returns are processed in the same way (either CFDI Global or CFDI Normal, as the original sales operations. 


Hotfix information

The update is available by the link: