Windows 8.1: Review your location settings

Applies to: Windows 8.1


After you install the KB4487016 update and restart your computer, your desktop displays the following Action Center notification:

Review your location settings
Your location settings are currently enabled. Click here to review your choices.

If you do not click the notification, it closes. However, the Action Center notification icon remains in the notification area.

If you click the Action Center icon, the menu contains a new option: Review your location settings (Important). If you click Open Action Center, the Action Center displays the following Maintenance notification:

Review choices for your location settings (Important)
Your location settings are currently enabled. Click the button to review your choices.


To resolve this issue and review your location settings, use one of the following methods:

  • If the notification appears on your desktop, click the notification.
  • In the notification area, click the Action Center icon and then click Review your location settings (Important).
  • If you have opened the Action Center, locate the Maintenance section, and then click Open Location Settings.

Any of these methods opens the Location Settings Control Panel item. You can change your location settings, or leave them alone and close the Control Panel. In either case, this action clears the notification from the desktop and from the Action Center.

If you are an enterprise customer and you want to suppress this notification for your users, you can use Group Policy to configure the following registry entry:

  • Path: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\LocationReview
  • Key: SuppressNotification
  • Value: 0 or 1 (use 1 to suppress the notification)

More information

If users choose "Express Settings" when they install Windows 8.1, the Location Services feature of Windows is enabled. These users may not be aware of this default configuration. This notification draws attention to the Location Services feature so that users can disable it.