Surface Hub 2S camera lens orientation

Applies to: Surface Hub 2S


Surface Hub 2S comes with an external camera accessory that can be mounted to any of the four (4) USB-C ports on the bezel of the display. It is recommended to place the camera on the top center of the display to provide the widest field of view for remote meeting participants.


By default, the camera lens orientation is configured for top mounting but if a customer chooses to side mount, the camera lens orientation will need to be manually rotated.

This rotation can be achieved by the following steps:

  1. Power off the Surface Hub 2S, then unmount the Camera from the display by gently tilting the camera body towards the front of the display until it detaches.

  2. Locate the camera orientation driver pin on the bottom of the camera body. Use a 2mm hex key to rotate the driver pin one full turn, until you feel the driver pin stop.


  3. Return the camera to the top or side of the device, depending on preference, and power the device up. Verify the correct orientation of the camera lens by initiating a Teams or Skype for Business call, or by using the Surface Hub Hardware Diagnostic Application.