Navigating Incentives in Partner Center

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This article provides details on navigating the incentives pages in Partner Center.

More Information

There are four main locations for incentives related information in Partner Center:

  • Overview tab
  • Programs tab
  • Co-op management tab (if applicable)
  • Transaction history and Payment pages


Overview tab

In the overview tab, you can see all the incentive programs you have enrolled in and the latest status of each program.

The status will show if there are any actions required or if you have a pending invite.

Navigate to the bank and tax profile page to make any updates to your payment profile. See How to submit bank and tax profiles in Partner Center for step by step instructions on how to complete bank and tax.

If you have a pending invite, you can enroll in that incentive program by selecting “Enroll” which will appear. For a detailed walk through of the enrollment process, see the Incentive Enrollment in Partner Center guide.



Within the Programs tab is a program page for each incentive program you are currently enrolled in.

Here you can view information specific to the program you have selected. 


Co-op management tab

From the Co-op management claims tab, you can:

  • Create a claim
  • Provide proof of execution
  • Submit a claim
  • Manage a claim

For detailed instructions on the actions above, please see the Claiming Experience guide. 


Transaction history and Payments pages

You can access incentive reporting information within the Transaction history and Payments pages. Navigate to these pages by selecting the money icon on the top navigation bar within Partner Center.


To explore the reporting functionality available in these pages, please see the Incentive Reporting guide.

Resources & Support

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