Update for Unified Update Platform for Windows 10, version 1903 and 1909: November 14, 2019

Applies to: Windows 10, version 1903, all editionsWindows 10, version 1909, all editions


This update has been made available on a limited basis to customers participating in a preview of Unified Update Platform (UUP). It is currently in a test phase and should only be installed on devices enrolled in the UUP preview.

This article will be updated when the update is ready for broader availability.

Known issues in this update

Microsoft is not currently aware of any issues that affect this update.

How to get this update

This update is for UUP preview testing only. Do not install this update on any device that is not being used for UUP testing.

To get the standalone package for this update, go to the Microsoft Update Catalog website.

File information

File verification

File attributes

The English (United States) version of this software update installs files that have the attributes that are listed in the following tables.

Windows 10, version 1903 and 1909


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