Update Rollup 1 for System Center Service Manager 2019

Applies to: System Center 2019 Service Manager


This article describes the issues that are fixed in Update Rollup 1 for Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2019. This article also contains the installation instructions for this update.

Issues that are fixed

  • Fixes a bug that appended an additional extension to certain files in the file attachments while saving them on the local computer.
  • Prefix for work items such as Review Activities can now contain space characters. 
  • State changes for Service Requests have been made unambiguous in the SM portal by moving Service Requests from the "active" to the "resolved" state after all the SR-related activities are completed. Previously, the Service Request moved from the "active" to the "closed" state. 
  • Fixes an issue in which text fields in the portal became encrypted and unreadable. This occurred during certain validation errors, such as file attachment size error. 
  • The User Input field on the Request Detail’s page now accepts HTML tag characters. 
  • The email link in the mail icon on the portal is corrected so that users can open a ticket by using email without having to remember the service desk address. 
  • Fixes an issue that occurs when you create requests that include files as attachments in Self Service Portal and that generates erroneous failure messages when the requests are successfully generated. 
  • The user inputs in a Service Requests offering are now persisted in the case of validation failures — except for file attachments and query results. 
  • Filtering on the My Requests page is enhanced to also search the Description of the requests in addition to their ID, Title, and Status. 
  • The email link in the Self-Service Portal is fixed to compose the mail by using the correct "To" address 
  • Fixes an issue that prevented the user from entering HTML tag characters in the request details page in Internet Explorer. 
  • Improves the start-up time of the SDK service. 
  • Fixes an issue in which language translation was inconsistent in the portal when a user queried in non-English languages. 
  • Fixes a bug that prevented the submission of a Service Request in the portal if the request offering has a list item that contains a plus (+) sign. 
  • The simple list questions on the Service Request creation page no longer select the first option by default. Instead, the user must select the desired list item. This reduces incorrect categorization of Service Requests. 
  • Fixes a bug in the portal that randomly denied creation of requests and returned a "The given key was not present in the dictionary" error message. This was observed in high traffic environments and caused forms to be refilled and service requests to be resubmitted. 
  • Fixes a bug in the portal that caused the custom views for a user to be rendered as blank when a service request was created by using an inherited class that  uses the same internal property name as its base class.
  • Service Manager connector for Configuration Manager is being upgraded to support the latest Configuration Manager versions. This change is scheduled to be made available through a future hotfix and in SCSM 2019 UR2.

How to obtain Update Rollup 1 for System Center Service Manager 2019

Update packages for Service Manager are available by manual download.

Manual download

Go to the following website to manually download the update package from the Microsoft Download Center:

Download the Service Manager update package now

Installation instructions

Before the installation

Before you apply this update, follow these steps:

  1. Exit all Service Manager-related applications before you apply this update. For example, exit the Service Manager Console, the Self-Service Portal links, and the authoring tool.
  2. Make sure that the Data Warehouse Server has successfully synchronized with the Management Server at least one time.
  3. Make sure that the update is installed on the Service Manager components in the following order:
    • Data Warehouse Server
    • Primary Management Server
    • Secondary Management Servers
    • Self Service Portal Server
    • All Analyst Consoles
  4. If you have customizations in the portal sidebar, edit the sidebar by using the steps in the "Customizing the left menu bar" section of Deploy the new Self-Service Portal.
  5. Make a backup of the Views\Shared\Sidebar.cshtml file.


  1. Download the update to a target folder. This update contains both the x86-based version and the x64-based version. Download the appropriate version for your system.

  2. Open the target folder, and then right-click the downloaded file from step 1.

  3. Select Run as administrator.

  4. Accept the Microsoft Software License Terms, and then follow the steps in the installation wizard.

After the installation

  1. Restart all the consoles as soon as the update is installed.

  2. If any customizations were backed up for the portal sidebar (as mentioned in "Before the installation" steps), merge the required changes in the updated Views\Shared\Sidebar.cshtml file.

  3. Restart the system that is hosting your portal server that is running IIS.

Files updated in this update rollup

The following is a list of files that have changed in this update rollup. 

File name File version File size
Microsoft.EnterpriseMaNot applicablegement.ServiceMaNot applicableger.Application.Common.dll 10.19.1035.73 1743 KB
Index.cshtml Not applicable 14 KB
MakeForm.cshtml Not applicable 29 KB
Sidebar.cshtml Not applicable 6 KB
RequestDetails.cshtml Not applicable 18 KB
SelfServicePortalWebApp.dll 10.19.1035.73 71 KB
Microsoft.EnterpriseMaNot applicablegement.NewSMPortal.SMPortalHelper.dll 10.19.1035.73 119 KB
Microsoft.Mom.CmdbInstanceSubscriptionDataSourceModule.dll 10.19.1035.73 317 KB
Microsoft.EnterpriseMaNot applicablegement.DataAccessLayer.dll 10.19.1035.73 2,481 KB
Microsoft.EnterpriseMaNot applicablegement.NewSMPortal.SDKTransformer.dll 10.19.1035.73 73 KB
Microsoft.EnterpriseMaNot applicablegement.DataAccessService.core.dll 10.19.1035.73 697 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.pt-BR.resx Not applicable 23 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.cs.resx Not applicable 23 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.da.resx Not applicable 23 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.de.resx Not applicable 23 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.el.resx Not applicable 26 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.en.resx Not applicable 22 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.es.resx Not applicable 23 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.fi.resx Not applicable 23 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.fr.resx Not applicable 23 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.hu.resx Not applicable 23 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.it.resx Not applicable 23 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.ja.resx Not applicable 24 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.ko.resx Not applicable 23 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.nl.resx Not applicable 23 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.no.resx Not applicable 22 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.pl.resx Not applicable 23 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.pt.resx Not applicable 23 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.ru.resx Not applicable 26 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.sv.resx Not applicable 23 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.tr.resx Not applicable 23 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.zh-CHS.resx Not applicable 22 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.zh-CHT.resx Not applicable 22 KB
SelfServicePortalResources.resx Not applicable 22 KB
build_sm_db.sql Not applicable 6955 KB