Issue with UI flows - UIAElementNotFound

Applies to: Power Automate


When trying to run UI flows, you may see this error:


Verifying issue

This error occurs if your UI flows has the property "Use coordinates" set to true and UI flows is unable to locate the element using coordinates and the display resolution and scale on your playback machine does not match the scale and resolution of the machine on which the UI flows was recorded. The issue can be verified by following these steps:

  • Click and expand the Launch <Application Name> step in your UI flow
  • Click on the "Show more" link


  • Verify that the properties Screen width, Screen height, Screen scale  matches the display settings in your PC (shown in next step)

UIAElementNotFoundError LaunchApplication Show More

UIAElementNotFoundError Display Settings



Solving steps

  1. If your UI flows has the property "Use coordinates" set to true, it is required that the screen resolution & scale while recording should be the same as the screen resolution & scale during playback.
  2. Keep the app maximized while recording to get an optimum performance.