How many Partner support incidents are remaining?

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A support contract tracks the number of support incidents you have available and when the benefit expires. When a support case is created, support incidents are deducted until 0 incidents remain or the benefit expires; then the benefit cannot be used.

Note: If you have a Visual Studio support contract or are a customer with 5pack of support incidents jump to step 3 to check the incidents remaining


If you have already used your support contract or have it associated to an account Sign-in, jump to step 3.

  1. Do you get Partner support incidents?
  2. Do you have a technical support contract?
  3. How to see your remining incidents and expiry date

If you are not sure what type of technical help you need – see the Do I need Technical support FAQ

1. Do you get Partner support incidents?

If you are a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) partner you may receive support incidents as part of your technical benefits.

  • Product support incidents are used for recent On-Premises products - see
  • Signature Cloud Support (SCS) is for Cloud products only
  • Entitlement depends on your membership offer, see below

On-premises Product Support incidents

Signature Cloud Support (SCS) incidents

Gold membership

20 incidents


Unlimited Signature Cloud

or 10 incidents*

Silver membership

15 incidents


Unlimited Signature Cloud

or 5 incidents*

Network member with Microsoft Action Pack (MAPS)

10 incidents

No SCS incidents

Network member

No Support incidents

No SCS incidents

* Cloud competencies get Unlimited Signature – Cloud competencies include: Security Competency, Cloud Business Applications, Cloud Customer Relationship Management, Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Enterprise Mobility Management, Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions.

2. Do you have a technical support contract?

MPN Partners can see their default support benefits, incidents, advisory hours and benefit expires date online.

  1. Sign-in to the Partner Center Dashboard > MPN > Benefits > Technical benefits

Note: The Contact technical support section (bottom left) contains a summary to explain how to use technical support. The Learn More link refers to a very detailed KB article that provides step by step instructions.

How many Partner support incidents are remaining ?

Your support contract must be activated before you can use any support incidents for Azure, Dynamics 365 and On-premises products (not required for Signature using O365)

  1. Click View details
  • If you see Contract ID and Access ID your support contract is active any your company may have used some support incidents  – see step 3 below
  • If you do not see the Contract ID and Access ID or you see the Activate button, your support contract needs to be activated before it can be used. A partner user account sign-in can see Contract ID and Access ID. However, the user account needs a Global or MPN partner admin user role to activate support contracts.
    • If your support contract is not activated, you have not used any support incidents
  • To learn more, see

Note: If a gold or silver member has product support Contract ID and Access ID displayed and they do not see Signature Contract ID and Access ID. Use the product support Contract ID and Access ID because Signature normally uses the same IDs as product support incidents.

3. How to see your remaining incidents and expiry date?

You will use the Support For Business workflow ( simulate creating a Windows 10 support incident (you do not need to create a support request). When you get to stage 3 Support plan, you can see incidents remaining and expiration date. Other support portals do not show this information.

  1. Get started with Support For Business ( and create a support request
  2. If you have already associated a support contract to an account sign-in, please use the specific account to sign-in to save yourself time.
  3. Product Selection: Select Windows 10, any version, any problem because we will simulate creating a support incident to check available support incidents. Do not worry, you cannot create an incident by accident because we stop at stage 3 and do not create an incident until stage 7.
  4. Issue Details: Enter Test for issue title and description
  5. Support plan:

support plan

  1. If you have already associated a support contract.
    1. Expand “Select a support plan” to see Partner support incidents.
      Note: If the contract has expired or you have 0 remaining incidents Partner support will be displayed under “Unavailable support plans
      new support request
    2. Unavailable support plans” for Signature Cloud support (or invalid Partner support incidents). You see the error ”Support plan cannot be used" because you selected Windows 10 and Signature is only valid for cloud products. We are using a workaround because Cloud product support portals do not show incidents remaining.
      If your Partner support incidents have no incidents remaining or have expired you may also see the support contract displayed under “Unavailable support plans
      unavailable support plan
  2. If you have not associated a support contract expand “Add or Purchase a support plan” and click the Add contract button to enter your Access ID and contract ID and associate to your support contract. see 2. To get your IDs activate or 1. To check if you get incidents

For more information - see Technical Support for Microsoft Partners ( and select On-Premises products

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