Unable to run RPA unattended scripts on Windows server

Applies to: Power Automate


  • You are able to run attended UI flows, but unattended ones give you the following error message "The gateway did not receive a reponse within the specified time period.", you keep getting the same error even if you retry multiple times.
  • Once you fail to run an unattended script, you become unable to run attended ones.

  • This issue afftects
    • Windows Server (2016 or 2019) and;
    • UI flows versions: 1.0.00317.20090, 1.0.500.20113, 1.0.548.20118,
      You can check the UI flows version by going to the Windows Settings app, then Apps & features, search for UI flows and click the program to reveal the version name.


As per the UI flows versions listed above, we do not support unattended mode on Windows Server (2016 and 2019) machines when RDS (Remote desktop services) is installed.

To confirm RDS is installed, run the following command in a powershell: 

Import-module servermanager; (Get-WindowsFeature -name Remote-Desktop-Services).Installed

If the result of this command is True, It means the "Remote desktop Services" role is installed.

If the role "Remote desktop Services" is installed on the machine, the user won't be able to run scripts in unattended mode. This issue is known and will be fixed in an upcoming release.


Running unattended UI flows on machines with RDS installed will require a future UI flows update.

Running attended UI flows on machines with RDS can be resolved by restarting UI Flow Service. Open the "Services" Windows app (hit the Windows key then type "services"), then look for "UI flows services" in the list, right click it and select "Restart".