Change Order Statuses

Applies to: Dynamics GP 2010Dynamics GP 2013

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What do the different Change Order Statuses mean and how to they function?


A change order will have the status of Pending, Unapproved, Approved, Cancelled or Completed. The necessary validations will be implemented in the system based on the different status described below.

Pendingthis is the phase when the quote has been finalized by the Company and submitted to the Customer for approval. Internal change orders usually have this status until approved. A user will be allowed to delete a change order with this status from the system. If deleted, all associated entries of the change order will be deleted.A newly created change order will have the default status of Pending.

Unapprovedthis status describes change orders that need approval from both the Company’s representative and the Customer. Typically a verbal authorization to proceed has been reached so that work can begin on critical or essential changes. Users are allowed to create transactions and post them.

Approvedthis status entails that the change order has been formally approved, a written agreement between the Company and Customer has been created and signed by the Customer, and work is fully authorized to proceed. Work can proceed as scheduled and Customer will be billed as a result of the change order.Transactions can be created and posted.An approved change order cannot be deleted.

Cancelledthis status describes change orders that have been kept in the system for reference or information. A change order with the status of Pending or Unapproved for instance, can be cancelled if agreeing parties decide to defer work and transactions haven’t been posted against it.

Completedthis status describes change orders that have been approved, processed and billed. These change orders cannot be modified but can be viewed.

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