How to Exclude Zero Balance Customers from the Receivables Aging - Detail Report

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THis article describes how to exclude Zero Balance Customers from the Receivables Aging - Detail report.


Use Dynamics or eEnterprise Report Writer to customize the Receivables Aging - Detail report.

Note - This resolution is valid for Dynamics 6.0 or eEnterprise 6.0 or greater. Contact Microsoft Business Solutions Technical Support if you do not have one of these products.

Note - This report modification will also exclude customers with credit balances, in addition to customers with zero balances.

1. Launch into Small Business Manager and go to Customers | Reports. From the list choose the Receivables Aging – Detail and print the report to the screen.

2. From the Screen Output Window, click Modify, and this will launch you into the Report Layout screen. Go to File | Return to Microsoft Small Business Manager. Note - This step is necessary for the system to treat this report as a modified report.

3. Next go to Tools | Import/Export reports, and highlight the RM Quick Detail Aged Trial Balance report. Choose Export and save the package file to a location that can easily be located on your hard drive.

4. Launch into Dynamics 6.0 (or greater) or eEnterprise 6.0 (or greater) and go to Tools | Customize | Customization Maintenance. Choose to Import and path to location where you saved the package file exported from Small Business Manager. Import the file.

5. Launch into Report Writer (Tools | Customize | Report Writer). Select Dynamics or eEnterpise as the product when launching into Report Writer.

6. Click the Reports button on the tool bar.

7. Highlight the RM Quick Detail Aged Trial Balance in the modified reports section and choose Open.

8. Click on the Restrictions button and choose New.

9. Name the restriction Zero Balance. From Report Table choose Customer Master Summary. From Table Fields select Customer balance and choose Add Field.

10. From the Operators section select the greater than '>' symbol.

11. From the Constants section select Type as Integer and type 0 in the Constant field, and then click Add constant.

12. In the Restriction Expression field you should now see the following:

RM_Customer_MSTR_SUM_CustomerBalance > 0

13. Click OK to close the Report Restriction Definition window.

14. Close the Report Restrictions window.

15. Click the OK button in the Report Definition window to save the report.

16. Go to File | Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics/eEnterprise to launch back into Dynamics or eEnterprise and go to Tools | Customize | Customization Maintenance. Highlight the RM Quick Detail Aged Trial Balance report, choose Export, and export to a location that you can easily find on your hard drive and click Save.

17. Launch into Small Business Manager, go to Tools > Import/Export Reports. Choose to Import, browse (local files) to the package file that you just exported from Dynamics or eEnterprise, and choose to override existing reporting when the window prompt appears.

You will now be able to print the Receivables Aging - Detail report and exclude zero balance customers (in addition to customers with credit balances).

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