How to use a SharePoint Workspace 2010 account on multiple computers

Applies to: SharePoint Workspace 2010


You can use a Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 account on up to five computers. However, before you add your account to a new computer, you must install a licensed copy of SharePoint Workspace 2010 on each computer.

In this scenario, you can access your Groove workspaces, shared folder workspaces, contacts, and account data from each computer on which the account is installed. However, SharePoint workspaces synchronize only to the computer on which you created the workspace.

To use the same account on other computers, you must import an existing account. Do not create a new account that has the same information as the original account. A second account of the same name does not give you access to the data from the first account. Also, do not reuse the same account file to import your account to more than one computer.

More Information

If you use a managed SharePoint Workspace 2010 account that is associated with your Windows domain account, and you are logged in with that domain account, you should automatically receive the account on the new computer when you install and start SharePoint Workspace 2010.

If you have an unmanaged SharePoint Workspace 2010 account, or if the account is not associated with your domain account, you have to manually install the SharePoint Workspace 2010 account on the other computer. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Create an account file for use on another computer. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. In Launchbar, click to select the File tab, and then click
      Save & Send.
    2. Click Send Account to Another Computer.
    3. Click OK. Note the location of the account file or change the location, and then click Save.
    Note Save the account file to a location where you can access it from the other computer, such as a network drive or removable media.
  2. Import the SharePoint Workspace 2010 account on another computer. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Install and then start SharePoint Workspace 2010.
    2. In the Account Configuration Wizard, click Restore an Existing Account, and then click
    3. Click Browse, select the account file that you created earlier, and then click Open.
  3. Fetch your workspace data. To do this, follow these steps for each workspace on the Workspaces tab:
    1. Right-click the workspace.
    2. Click Get Workspace or click
      Get Workspace From, and then click a source for the workspace data.

      • This source must be online and must be running SharePoint Workspace 2010.
      • If only one source exists, the data is downloaded immediately.
For each additional computer, repeat steps 1-3. Account files contain information about the computers that the account is installed on. If you reuse the account that you created in step 1, the new computers do not synchronize with one another.