"Two beer or not to be. That is the Question?"Sounds strange? Help us improve it.

Machine Translated articles, for obvious reasons, are usually of a lower quality than professionally translated ones.
However, the machine learns from corrections and constantly improves its output.

Microsoft introduced a new tool which alows to anyone propose better translation on Machine Translated articles to  improve the quality of the Machine Translation.

Whenever you see a bad translation,
give the translation machine a quick language lesson.

Use simple corrections to make support articles better for others!

Move mouse over text, click Improve translation

1) Move the mouse over text,
    click "Improve translation"
2) Change the text
3) Click Submit

Change the text to be correct
Submit the correction
How to access the "Improve translation" console?

Just click the submit button to propose your correction or vote for a correction provided by other users.Note: those corrections will be evaluated by a Microsoft expert before they get published