CodeView Debugger Function Keys List

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The text below lists the function keys the Microsoft CodeView debugger uses.

Moving with the Keyboard

Action Key Combination
Move cursor up, down, left, right UP ARROW, DOWN ARROW,

Move cursor by words left and right CTRL+LEFT, CTRL+RIGHT
Move cursor to beginning of line HOME
Move cursor to end of line END

Page up and down PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN
Page left and right CTRL+PAGE UP,

Move cursor to beginning of window CTRL+HOME
Move cursor to end of window CTRL+END
Move to next window F6
Move to previous window SHIFT+F6
Restore window CTRL+F5
Move window CTRL+F7
Size window CTRL+F8
Minimize window CTRL+F9
Maximize window CTRL+F10
Close window CTRL+F4
Tile windows SHIFT+F5
Change to mixed source/assembly mode F3
Set a breakpoint at the location F9

Active Window Action
Locals Displays Locals Window Options CTRL+O
Source 1 Displays Source 1 Window Options CTRL+O
Source 2 Displays Source 2 Window Options CTRL+O
Memory 1 Displays Memory 1 Window Options CTRL+O
Memory 2 Displays Memory 2 Window Options CTRL+O

Using the File Menu with the Keyboard

Exit to the system prompt ALT+F4

Using the Edit Menu with the Keyboard


Using the Search Menu with the Keyboard

Selected Text CTRL+\
Repeat Last Find (CodeView for MS-DOS) ALT+/
Repeat Last Find (CodeView for Windows) CTRL+R
Repeat Last Find (CodeView for Win32s) CTRL+R

Using the Run menu with the Keyboard

Go F5
Step F10
Trace F8
Go to Cursor F7
Stop after Return SHIFT+F7

Using the Data Menu with the Keyboard

Add watch... CTRL+W
Delete Watch... CTRL+U
Quick Watch... SHIFT+F9
Breakpoints... CTRL+B

Using the Options Menu with the Keyboard

Open Memory window option dialog box CTRL+O
Cycle through the display formats SHIFT+F3
Cycle through the display formats CTRL+SHIFT+F3
in reverse order

Using the Windows Menu with the Keyboard

Restore the active window to its size CTRL+F5
and position before it was maximized

Move the active window CTRL+F7
Size the active window CTRL+F8
Minimize the active window CTRL+F9
Maximize the active window CTRL+F10
Close CTRL+F4
Arrange all open windows ALT+F5
Open the Help window ALT+0
Open the Local window ALT+1
Open the Watch window ALT+2
Open Source window 1 ALT+3
Open Source window 2 ALT+4
Open Memory window 1 ALT+5
Open Memory window 2 ALT+6
Open Register window ALT+7
Toggle Register window on/off F2
Open 8087 window ALT+8
Open the Command window ALT+9
Swap to program's output screen F4

Using the Help Menu with the Keyboard

Contents SHIFT+F1
Topic F1

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