Cortana, Search, and privacy: FAQ


When I use Cortana, what information is collected and where is it saved?
Why is Cortana still running even after I turn Cortana off?
Why is Cortana still running even after I turn Cortana off?
How do I manage the information Cortana knows about me?
Can I clear what Cortana knows about me?
Why do I have to opt-in to data collection and personalization to use Cortana?
Can I control what data Cortana collects?
How does Microsoft use the voice data it receives?
How do I manage my voice data?
I use Cortana on multiple devices. If I turn off Cortana on one device will that turn Cortana off on my other devices?
Why can’t I turn off location for Cortana in location settings?
How often does Cortana collect my device location information?
How does Cortana know when I leave for work or home when that information isn’t in my Calendar?
What information does Cortana collect from my contact list (People)?
I don’t want Cortana to track flights or other things for me. How can I turn that off?
I don’t want Cortana to notify me  on my PC when I miss calls on my phone. How can I turn that off?
Does Microsoft or Bing plan to use any of the data that Cortana gathers to sell advertising or otherwise mine information?
Does Cortana share data with other Microsoft apps or services?
Does Cortana share data with third party apps or services?
Can children use Cortana?
How do I manage the data Cortana has about Microsoft Health?


When I use Search, does it always include web results and send information to Bing? Or can I turn the Search online and include web results setting off?
How do I provide feedback and suggestions for improving Search? And does Microsoft really pay attention to my feedback?
How does Search use my device location information?

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Cortana is only available in certain countries/regions, and some Cortana features might not be available everywhere. If Cortana isn't available or is turned off, you can still use search.


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