Microsoft Windows Simplified Chinese 3.2 Upgrade Is Available

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Microsoft Windows Simplified Chinese version 3.2 is an upgrade for Microsoft Windows Simplified Chinese version 3.1. Simplified Chinese is used mainly in the People's Republic of China.

The upgrade has some new and improved IMEs (Input Method Editors). It now comes with the following IMEs:
ZhiNeng ABC IME;
ZhengMa IME;
PingYin IME;
GuoBiao IME;
TongYong MaBiao IME.
The first two IMEs did not exist in Simplified Chinese Windows version 3.1.

Simplified Chinese version 3.2 also features a new and improved IME interface.

Windows version 3.2 is available only in Simplified Chinese. There is no Windows version 3.2 for any other language.

Simplified Chinese SDK extention version 3.1 can be used to develop applications for both Simplified Chinese Windows version 3.1 and Simplified Chinese Windows version 3.2.

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