You receive an "error LNK2001:unresolved external symbol "_WinMain@16" message when a Console Application project is built as an Application project in Visual C++


The linker generates the following error message when a Console Application project is built as an Application project:
LIBC.lib(wincrt0.obj):error LNK2001:unresolved external symbol "_WinMain@16"


A project of type Application is a Windows-based application, so it requires the WinMain function as the entry point.


Create a new project and select Console Application as the Project Type, or add a project to the existing Project.

To Create a new target for an existing project with Visual C++ 2.x, from the Project menu, choose Targets, and select New. Enter a Target Name, and choose Win32 Console Application as the type. To build the new target, move to the project dialog box, change the Target to your new Target name, and rebuild.

To add a project with Visual C++ 5.0 or 6.0, select Project, then Add to Project, and select New. Click on the Projects tab and select Win32 Console Application.

To create a new project in Visual C++ .NET, see the online help topic on "Creating Win32 Projects".


This behavior is by design.

More Information

To reproduce the behavior, select Application as the Project Type, and use the following sample code.

Sample Code to Demonstrate Behavior

/* Compile options needed: None

#include <iostream.h>

void main(void)
cout << "Hello " ;

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