Fonts Do Not Appear in Corel Draw 4.0 or 5.0

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If you have more than approximately 250 fonts installed, the Fonts dialog box in Corel Draw versions 4.0 and 5.0 may be blank. If you quit Corel Draw and then restart it, the fonts appear.


This behavior occurs because of the way in which Windows 95 manages the dynamic swap file. When you open the Fonts dialog box in Corel Draw, it tries to load every installed font. If the swap file is needed but it is too small, Corel Draw displays an empty dialog box. Windows 95, however, increases the swap file size to accommodate the large number of fonts. When you restart Corel Draw, the swap file is large enough to load all the fonts.


To resolve this situation, choose the "Let me specify my own virtual memory settings" option and set the Minimum setting to approximately 30 megabytes (MB). The actual Minimum setting required depends on the number of fonts installed, and can be as large as Windows 95 will allow. To access the "Let me specify my own virtual memory settings" option, double-click the System icon in Control Panel, click the Performance tab, and then click Virtual Memory.

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