Machine translation of Microsoft support pages

Applies to: General

Machine translated articles, for obvious reasons, are usually of a lower quality than professionally translated ones. However, translation machine learns from corrections and constantly improves its output. Microsoft now provides a tool that allows anyone to improve the quality of machine-translated articles by proposing better translations.

Improving the translation

Whenever you see a bad translation, give the translation machine a quick language lesson. Use simple corrections to make support articles better for others.

Information about the Machine Translation Service

The Machine Translation Service is designed for users who do not understand English well. Machine translated articles are often of a lower quality than articles professionally translated by humans.

Machine translation technology has improved greatly in recent years—thanks to continuing studies of how machines translate. Still, it does produces linguistic and technical errors. You can now participate in the efforts to improve translations by providing corrected data in local languages.

Improved translations with Collaborative Translation Framework

The Collaborative Translation Framework (CTF) provides users with the ability to correct machine translated articles. Now you can contribute to and improve the translation in any Knowledge Base article that you're reading by selecting Improve translation.