Unable to Remove Network Connection Created by AT Scheduler


When you attempt to remove a network connection in File Manager, the following error message appears:

There are no network connections to disconnect.

If you type the command "NET USE <drive>: /D" (without quotes) at the MS- DOS Command Prompt, the following error message appears:

The network connection could not be found.


This problem occurs if you connect to a network share on the same computer using AT.EXE and the Windows NT Scheduler service. For example, if you type the following at MyComputer and attempt to remove the share (MyShare) in File Manager or the MS-DOS Command Prompt, the above error messages appear:

AT 12:00 /interactive "net use d: \\MyComputer\MyShare"


To correct this problem, type the following at the MS-DOS Command Prompt (using the names in the example above):

AT 12:15 /interactive "net use d: \\MyComputer\MyShare /d"

NOTE: The AT scheduler keeps its own network connection list.

In some cases, you must stop and restart the Workstation service to clear the ghosted connections.
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