Cannot Remove a Forgotten Internet Explorer Ratings Password


With Content Advisor, Internet Explorer provides a way to help you control the types of content that your computer can gain access to on the Internet. After you turn on Content Advisor, only rated content that meets or exceeds your criteria can be displayed. Parents may choose to use Content Advisor to limit the content that their children have access to on the Internet.

If you do not know or have forgotten the Supervisor password, please contact a Microsoft Support Professional for assistance. For information about how to contact a Microsoft Support Professional, view the following Microsoft Web site:

NOTE: In special cases, charges that are normally incurred for support calls may be canceled, if a Microsoft Support Professional determines that only a password reset will resolve your problem. Normal support costs will apply to additional support questions and issues that do not qualify for the specific password reset in question.

NOTE: Internet Explorer 6 includes a new password hint feature to assist you in remembering your Content Advisor password. When you first enable Content Advisor (if not enabled previously) or change the supervisor password (if enabled previously) in Internet Explorer 6, you will be asked to enter a hint for your new password. Enter a hint that helps you remember your password but does not allow others to guess your password. For example, "My password is the PIN for my ATM card." When Content Advisor asks for the password (for example, to view an unrated Web page), the hint will also be displayed.

If Content Advisor was ever enabled prior to upgrading to Internet Explorer 6, you must change your supervisor password in order to create a hint. To do this:

  1. Click Internet Options on the Tools menu.
  2. On the Content tab, click Settings.
  3. Enter your supervisor password, and then click OK.
  4. On the General tab, click Change Password.
  5. Enter the old password, new password twice, and a password hint.

More Information

For additional information about Microsoft's policies about missing or invalid passwords, view the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

189126 Microsoft's Policy Regarding Missing or Invalid Passwords

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