Windows Messaging Setup Wizard Error: "The Path Specified ... Is Not Valid"


While you run the Windows Messaging Setup Wizard, you may receive one of the following error messages:
Windows Messaging Setup Wizard
The path specified for the file C:\Mail\Mailbox.pst is not valid.
Path does not exist. Please verify the correct path was given.
Windows Messaging Setup Wizard
The path specified for this personal address book file is not valid. Type the path and filename of the personal address book you want to use,or choose Browse to select a location.
NOTE: The path specified in the preceding error messages is given as an example; the path may vary depending on your specific path.


You typed in a new path for the personal folder file (PST file) or the personal address book (PAB file), and one or more folders in the path you specified does not exist. The Windows Messaging Setup Wizard will only create new folders for you when you are using Browse.


To resolve this problem, you must either specify a path that contains an existing folder or create the folder with Browse before continuing with the Windows Messaging Setup Wizard.

NOTE: Do not confuse the term "folder" (referring to the term currently used to represent directories on your hard disk drive) with "personal folder file" (the file containing your Windows Messaging folders, where mail messages are stored).

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