Creating a DNS Alias Record


This explains why a Domain Name Service (DNS) Alias record is needed, and how to create it.

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Sometimes it is useful to be able to access a server (or any host) by using a name other than its DNS host name.

For example, you have an Application Server whose DNS configuration is as follows:

Host Name Domain Name
--------- -------------

You have also setup your server as a WWW server so Internet or Intranet browsers can access Web pages from it. You want people to access your Web server by specifying as its name instead of

To accomplish this, an alias (or canonical name) record needs to be added to your DNS server.

The DNS server should already have the following record under the zone (IPAddress should be the IP address of your server):

Myserver A <IPAddress>

The following record should be added to the zone:


When a DNS server looks up a name and finds a "CNAME" record, it replaces the name with the canonical name, and looks up the new name, in this case,


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