PRB: Error Message "MSVBVM50.dll Not Found"

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An attempt to install a Visual Basic program results in the following error message:

A required file, MSVBVM50.dll, was not found.


The Microsoft Visual Basic Virtual Machine run time was not properly installed on the computer. File corruption or failure of a third-party application to install this required run time during setup may also cause this error message.


Download and run MSVBVM50.EXE from the Microsoft Download Center. Run the executable file after download. This file installs the correct Visual Basic Virtual Machine and associated files. This should eliminate the error Message. See the "References" section of this article for more information.

More Information

Programs written in Microsoft Visual Basic require that the client computer have a local installation of the Microsoft Visual Basic Virtual Machine run time engine. In some situations, this file was not distributed or installed correctly by a third-party software package or has become corrupted. While the Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Service Pack 2 updated this Virtual Machine run time engine for developers, a client or customer computer may not have the most recent version installed.


For additional information about MSVBVM50.EXE, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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