Error Message: The File Was Not Found. Verify That You Have Selected the Correct 'Restore from' Location and Try Again


When you attempt to extract a new copy of a Windows 98 file using the System File Checker tool, you may receive the following error message:

The file was not found. Verify that you have selected the correct 'Restore from' location and try again.


This error message can occur if any of the following conditions exist:

  • You specify the wrong path to the Windows 98 cabinet files.
  • The file you are attempting to extract was created during Windows 98 Setup and is not located in a Windows 98 cabinet file.
  • You specify a path to a shared Windows 98 CD-ROM on a network.
  • You extract a file that has a long file name and its short file name alias is used on the Windows 98 CD-ROM or disks.


To resolve this behavior, follow the steps in the appropriate section:

Wrong Path to Windows 98 Cabinet Files

If you specify the wrong path to the Windows 98 cabinet files, use either of the following methods:

Method 1

In the Restore File dialog box, type the correct path to the cabinet files in the Restore From box, and then click OK.

Method 2

In the Restore File dialog box, click Browse, locate and click the folder in which the Windows 98 cabinet files are located, click OK, and then click OK again.

NOTE: The Windows 98 cabinet files are located in the Win98 folder on the Windows 98 CD-ROM.

File Was Created During Windows 98 Setup

If you require a new copy of a file that was created during Windows 98 Setup, install Windows 98 again.

NOTE: See the "More Information" section in this article for a list of files that are created during Windows 98 Setup.

Path Is to a Shared Windows 98 CD-ROM on a Network

System File Checker does not support extracting files from a Windows 98 CD-ROM that is shared on a network. For System File Checker to work properly, share the Windows 98 files from a hard disk instead of the CD-ROM.

Short File Name Alias Is on the Windows 98 CD-ROM or Disks

Extract the file using its short file name alias and then rename the file to its long file name. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. NOTE: See the "More Information" section in this article for a list of files that use a short file name alias on the Windows 98 CD-ROM or disks.

  2. Click Start, click Run, type sfc.exe in the Open box, and then click OK.
  3. Click Extract one file from installation disk, type the file's short file name alias, and then click Start.
  4. Click Browse next to the Restore from box, click the folder that includes the Windows 98 cabinet files, and then click OK.
  5. Click Browse next to the Save file in box, click the folder in which you want to save the file, and then click OK.
  6. Follow the instructions on your screen to finish extracting the file, and then click Close.

More Information

Windows 98 Setup uses setup information (INF) files to install the Windows 98 files.

The following table contains a list of files that use a short file name alias on the Windows 98 CD-ROM or disks.

NOTE: The INF files contain installation information for the Windows 98 files.

Long file name Short file name INF file name
Black Thatch.bmp Thatch2.bmp Shell.inf
Blue Rivest.bmp Rivets2.bmp Shell.inf
Carved Stone.bmp Egypt.bmp Shell.inf
Gold Weave.bmp Gator.bmp Applets.inf
Houndstooth.bmp Hounds.bmp Shell.inf
Metal Links.bmp Mesh.bmp Applets.inf
Pinstripe.bmp Pstripe.bmp Shell.inf
Red Blocks.bmp 3dblocks.bmp Applets.inf
Sandstone.bmp Sand.bmp Applets.inf
Stitches.bmp Weave2.bmp Shell.inf
Tiles.bmp Redtile.bmp Shell.inf
Triangles.bmp Pyramid2.bmp Shell.inf
Waves.bmp Halftone.bmp Shell.inf
Confidential!.cpe Confident.cpe Awfax.inf
For Your Information.cpe Fyi.cpe Awfax.inf
Urgent!.cpe Urgent.cpe Awfax.inf
Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 Bachsb~1.rmi Mmopt.inf
Beethoven's 5th Symphony.rmi Beetho~2.rmi Mmopt.inf
Beethoven's Fur Elise.rmi Fureli~1.rmi Mmopt.inf
Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy.rmi Danceo~2.rmi Mmopt.inf
Debussy's Claire de Lune Claire~1.rmi Mmopt.inf
In the Hall of the Mountain King Hallof~2.rmi Mmopt.inf
Mozart's Symphony No. 40 Mozart~2.rmi Mmopt.inf
3D Flower Box.scr Ssflwbox.scr Applets.inf
3D Flying Objects.scr Ss3dfo.scr Applets.inf
3D Maze.scr Ssmaze.scr Applets.inf
3D Pipes.scr Sspipes.scr Applets.inf
3D Text.scr Sstext3d.scr Applets.inf
Blank Screen.scr Scrnsave.scr Applets.inf
Curves and Colors.scr Bezier.scr Applets.inf
Flying Windows.scr Ssflywin.scr Applets.inf
Flying Through Space.scr Ssstars.scr Applets.inf
Mystify Your Mind.scr Ssmyst.scr Applets.inf
Scrolling Marquee.scr Ssmarque.scr Applets.inf
Jungle Recycle.wav Junglere.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Default.wav Junglede.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Windows Start.wav Junglewi.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Windows Exit.wav Jungle~1.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Critical Stop.wav Junglecr.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Question.wav Junglequ.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Exclamation.wav Jungleex.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Asterisk.wav Jungleas.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Open.wav Jungleop.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Close.wav Junglecl.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Maximize.wav Junglema.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Minimize.wav Junglemi.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Restore Down.wav Jungle~3.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Restore Up.wav Jungle~4.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Error.wav Jungleer.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Menu Command.wav Jungleme.wav Mmopt.inf
Jungle Menu Popup.wav Jungle~2.wav Mmopt.inf
Musica Recycle.wav Musicare.wav Mmopt.inf
Musica Default.wav Musicade.wav Mmopt.inf
Mucica Windows Start.wav Musica~1.wav Mmopt.inf
Musica Critical Stop.wav Musicacr.wav Mmopt.inf
Musica Question.wav Musicaqu.wav Mmopt.inf
Musica Exclamation.wav Musicaex.wav Mmopt.inf
Musica Asterisk.wav Musicaas.wav Mmopt.inf
Musica Open.wav Musicaop.wav Mmopt.inf
Musica Close.wav Musicacl.wav Mmopt.inf
Musica Maximize.wav Musicama.wav Mmopt.inf
Musica Minimize.wav Musicami.wav Mmopt.inf
Musica Restore Down.wav Musica~3.wav Mmopt.inf
Musica Restore Up.wav Musica~4.wav Mmopt.inf
Musica Error.wav Musicaer.wav Mmopt.inf
Musica Menu Command.wav Musicame.wav Mmopt.inf
Musica Menu Popup.wav Musica~2.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Recycle.wav Robotzre.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Default.wav Robotzde.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Windows Start.wav Robotzwi.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Windows Exit.wav Robotz~1.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Critical Stop.wav Robotzcr.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Question.wav Robotzqu.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Exclamation.wav Robotzex.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Asterisk.wav Robotzas.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Open.wav Robotzop.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Close.wav Robotzcl.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Maximize.wav Robotzma.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Minimize.wav Robotzmi.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Restore Down.wav Robotz~3.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Restore Up.wav Robotz~4.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Error.wav Robotzer.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Menu Command.wav Robotzme.wav Mmopt.inf
Robotz Menu Popup.wav Robtoz~2.wav Mmopt.inf
The Microsoft Sound.wav Logon.wav Motown.inf
Utopia Recycle.wav Utopiare.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Default.wav Utopiade.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Windows Start.wav Utopiawi.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Windows Exit.wav Utopia~1.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Critical Stop.wav Utopiacr.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Question.wav Utopiaqu.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Exclamation.wav Utopiaex.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Asterisk.wav Utopiaas.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Open.wav Utopiaop.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Close.wav Utopiacl.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Maximize.wav Utopiama.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Minimize.wav Utopiami.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Restore Down.wav Utopia~3.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Restore Up.wav Utopia~4.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Error.wav Utopiaer.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Menu Command.wav Utopiame.wav Mmopt.inf
Utopia Menu Popup.wav Utopia~2.wav Mmopt.inf
Some files are created during Windows 98 Setup and cannot be extracted. The System File Checker tool only extracts files contained in Windows 98 cabinet files.

For additional information about the System File Checker tool, click
Start, click Help, click the Index tab, type system file, and then double-click the System File Checker topic.

Windows 98 Setup creates some files during the setup process, and these files are not located in the Windows 98 cabinet files. For example, Msdos.sys is created during the Setup process and cannot be extracted from the Windows 98 cabinet files.