Error Message: Error 676: The Line Is Busy. Try Again Later.


When you attempt to connect to your Internet service provider (ISP) to check for new e-mail and you receive a busy signal, Dial-Up Networking may not attempt to redial even though it is configured to do so, and you may receive the following error message:

Error 676: The line is busy. Try again later.


This problem can occur if you attempt to connect to your ISP using Microsoft Outlook Express, or by double-clicking the Dial-Up Networking connection to your ISP.


To work around this problem, use either of the following methods:

Method 1

Connect to your ISP using Microsoft Internet Explorer, and then check for new mail using Outlook Express.

Method 2

Click OK when you receive the error message, and then click Connect to attempt to connect again.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Windows 98.