PRB: Opening Property Page Results in "Class Not Registered"


When you open the property page for a control, the following error message appears:

Class Not Registered.
Looking For Object With CLSID {7EBDAAE1-8120-11CF-899F-00AA00688B10}
NOTE: The actual CLSID might be different.


One or more of the stock property page objects have not been properly registered on the development system.


You need to manually register the Msstkprp.dll file.

Step-by-Step Procedure

  1. Copy the Msstkprp.dll file from \OS\System folder on your Visual Basic CD to your Windows\System folder (or the System32 folder if you are using Microsoft Windows NT).
  2. Use the RegSvr32 utility to manually register the Msstkprp.dll. On the Windows Start menu, click Run, and then type the following command:
    Regsvr32 C:\Windows\System\Msstkprp.dll

More Information

Manually registering the Msstkprp.dll file resolves problems with objects that have the following CLSID's:

  • 7EBDAAE1-8120-11CF-899F-00AA00688B10: Stock Color Property Page Object
  • 7EBDAAE0-8120-11CF-899F-00AA00688B10: Stock Font Property Page Object
  • 7EBDAAE2-8120-11CF-899F-00AA00688B10: Stock Picture Property Page Object

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