Command-Line Parameters for the Scandisk Tool


This article lists the command-line parameters for the Scandisk tool (Scandisk.exe) in Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition (Me).

Note: The Scandisk switches that are provided are not meant to be run within the Windows operating system. To run Scandisk within Windows, click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Scandisk.

More Information

To run Scandisk, and force these command-line options in Windows 98, restart your computer, and when you see the Windows 98 Startup Menu, select Command prompt only, or Safe mode command prompt only.

For Windows Me, start your computer with the Windows Me floppy boot disk, and select Minimal boot.

At the command prompt, type scandisk followed by a space, and then one of the following switches:

Switch: /all
Function: Checks and repairs all local drives.

Switch: /autofix
Function: Fixes damage without prompting.

Switch: /checkonly
Function: Checks a drive, but does not repair any damage.

Switch: /custom
Function: Configures and runs Scandisk according to the Scandisk.ini file settings.

Switch: /nosave
Function: With /autofix, deletes lost clusters rather than saving as files.

Switch: /nosummary
Function: When used with /checkonly, or /autofix, it prevents Scandisk from stopping at the summary screen.

Switch: /surface
Function: Performs a surface scan after other checks.

Switch: /mono
Function: Configures Scandisk for use with monochrome display.

For help with common system maintenance tasks in Windows Vista, visit the following Microsoft Web page: