Windows Server Backup MMC fails to open


When launching the Windows Server Backup on Windows Server 2008, the MMC opens with following message:

A fatal error occurred during a Windows Server Backup snap-in operation.

Error details: The system cannot find the path specified.

Close Windows Server Backup and then restart it.


The Scheduled backup policy folder in task scheduler is missing or broken. On startup the wbadmin.msc snapin queries the scheduled tasks resulting in an error when they are missing or otherwise broken. 



Remove the scheduled tasks which the MMC snapin is trying to read. Once removed new schedules can be created.

To remove any scheduled tasks, open an elevated command prompt and run the following command

wbadmin disable backup

NOTE: If you stop the scheduled backups, the disks where you stored the backups cannot be used again to store backups until they are reformatted (so
that all existing backups are deleted).


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