Outlook 2007: Body of HTML e-mail messages are blank


 When you open an HTML e-mail message or view it in the Reading Pane, you do not see anything in the body of the message.

Note: If you use the "view in browser" feature (click "Other Actions" on the e-mail message Ribbon and click "View in Browser") in Outlook, you can see the contents of the e-mail message.


The problem occurs because the underlying HTML code has been modified by software other than Outlook. If you analyze the underlying HTML code in the message you see text similar to the following:

<!-- converted from rtf --><defanghtml_style_0

This problem occurs when the message is originally sent in Rich Text format (RTF) but is converted to HTML and the above tag is added.

This problem has been reported to occur when the e-mail message has been processed by Websense Hosted E-mail Security before it reaches the Outlook 2007 client.


The product support team at Websense has successfully helped customers resolve this problem through filter/rule changes to Websense Hosted E-mail Security.

More Information

The Websense Hosted E-mail Security sofware is formerly known as SurfControl or BlackSpider MailControl.