Some clients may be assigned to the wrong sitecode in System Center Configuration Manager 2007


When using System Center Configuration Manager 2007, some clients may be assigned to the incorrect sitecode.  You may also see entries similar to those below in the locationservices.log file:

DhcpGetOriginalSubnetMask entry point not supported.
Current AD site of machine is ADSite1
This client might be within the boundaries of more than one site - AD SiteCode search matched 2 entries
The client will be assigned to the first valid site
LSGetAssignedSiteFromAD : Trying to Assign to the Site <P04>
LSVerifySiteVersion : Verifying Site Version for <P04>
LSGetSiteVersionFromAD : Successfully retrieved version '4.00.6221.0000' for site 'P04'
LSVerifySiteVersion : Verified Client Version '4.00.6221.1000' is not greater than Site Version '4.00.6221.0000'. Client can be assigned to site <P04>.
Executing Task LSRefreshLocationsTask

Note that in the example above, the client should have been assigned to site P01 but was instead assigned to site P04.


This can occur if Active Directory references more than one site with the same site boundary. 


Remove or correct the site that contains objects using the same boundaries.  To identify sites using the same boundaries, run ldifde -f output.txt from a command prompt and search the text file for the related boundary (ADSite1 in the example above).

More Information

In many cases this situation occurs because a site is deleted instead of being deinstalled.  Doing this leaves the AD objects behind which results in a duplicate boundary if another site is later added that contains the boundary used in the previously deleted site. 

How to Verify Site Information is Published to Active Directory Domain Services:

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