WinRM configuration updates fail when Windows Firewall service is not running



When you try to update WinRM configuration settings on a machine where the Windows Firewall Service (mpssvc) is stopped, the update will fail with the following error message:

"There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper."

This problem occurs whether the configuration settings are updated through the WinRM command-line tool or using the WSMan cmdlets through PowerShell.


Windows Firewall calls a COM API, which uses the HRESULT from the return value to determine the message to display. When this native call fails due to the Windows Firewall not running, this error is erroneously displayed. For proper operation of WinRM, the Windows Firewall must be installed and running.


Start the Windows Firewall service before carrying out the configuration update. If the Windows Firewall has been uninstalled, it must be installed and then started before updating the configuration settings.