Windows 7 setup may not show the “Join Wireless Network” wizard during OOBE


When going through Windows Welcome (OOBE) for Windows 7, you may not see the “Join Wireless Network” wizard screen to join Windows to an existing wireless network.

More Information

The “Join Wireless Network” wizard screen should appear during OOBE if the following conditions are true with the existing wireless network:
- The SSID of the wireless network is being broadcast and not hidden.
- It is configured for Infrastructure mode (and not Adhoc)
- A supported security and encryption method is being used (including none)

The "Join Wireless Network" wizard may not appear during OOBE if either of the following conditions exist:
- The Windows WLAN AutoConfig service (WLANSVC) has not finished loading.
- When queried by Windows, the wireless adapter does not finish its scan for available wireless networks within an arbitrary time period (~5 seconds). 

Once setup has completed and has finished booting to the Windows desktop, you can then join an available wireless network by clicking on the network icon in the Notification area of the Windows Taskbar.

Additional information on setting up a wireless network and configuring a Windows 7 computer to use the wireless network can be found using the following link:


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